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August 22-24

To participate in the YouTube live broadcast




22-24 of August

To participate in the YouTube
live broadcast

It is hard to live a conscious life because of our mind patterns. If you want to change what you get, you have to change who you are.  Join us on a 3-day journey where we learn how to interact with life on a completely new level.


It is not necessary to go to Tibet and spend decades in monasteries — our modern approach allows anyone to take a step towards awakening now.



to unite with yourself



of practice and theory



Thanks to our methodology

What makes awakening Possible

Our methodology is based on knowledge tested by generations of practitioners from around the world. The living knowledge of awakening is transmitted by a realized teacher. We are practitioners and only share experiences that work.

Throughout the existence of the School, we have held hundreds of training formats, introduced thousands of people to the practice, adapted it to the modern man and verified its effectiveness.

Everything ingenious is simple. The same applies to knowledge about awakening. Elements of the technique do not require any special training or theoretical knowledge, and can be easily mastered by anyone. You’ll see for yourself.

The elements you will learn are designed to be applied to your daily life and to help you maintain a state of awareness. It is through this that the potential for awakening will be built up, harmonizing all areas of life at the same time.

We understand more than anyone how important support is along the way. Throughout the course, you are accompanied by an experienced guide who can be consulted at any time on any subject.




Find the meaning and fullness of life
through awakening


Take a leap of consciousness

Learn how to meditate effectively

Get back the taste and the feeling of fullness of life

Learn to take pleasure and joy in the present moment

Experience ecological consciousness expansion

See areas for growth and the way forward

World of Awakening imparts knowledge about awakening and the meaning of human life. Our mission is to help you connect to your true self

Meet the instructors of our school

Yuri Morozov

My journey begun over 23 years ago from self healing and getting know myself better through psychology and then shifted to meditation practices. Business owner, father of two children, spiritual adventurer.

Alex Satya

Started his path many years ago combining a conscious lifestyle with professional success.
Nowadays he is a Traditional Reiki and Deep Contact Master fully committed to spreading the joy of practice and helping others find their inner path.

Anna Sokol

Has 4 years of conducting retreats, meditation courses, webinars, and helping people  daily to reveal the potential of their consciousness. Seeing how her students discover meaning, get aspiration to live fully and become truly happy is the biggest treasure for her.



The course will last 3 days in which we will have a total of 5 sessions.

3 evening sessions and 2 morning meditations.

First Day:
How to awaken in the modern world

We start the course with our first evening session exploring awakening in the modern world, what is stopping us from achieving it and what steps can we take.

Second Day:
Next levels of consciousness

We start the second day with a 30 minute morning meditation. In the evening we have our second session about levels of consciousness and what lies beyond the initial stages of awakening.

Third Day:
How to conduct more life energy

We start the third day with a 30 minute morning meditation. In the evening we have our third and last session about conducting more life energy through this way we will awaken faster and are able to do more in our lives.


30 Minute Morning Meditation

60+ Minute Evening Session

What they say about our courses


I’ve been looking forward to this kind of training for a long time. It’s hard to convey the new level of energy that appeared inside! The most amazing thing is that during the course I managed to earn an impressive sum of money on two big projects that unexpectedly came up.
When you start working on yourself, space unfolds!


After the course I feel more alive, I feel life more acutely, I feel its pulse! This is extraordinary! I have become calmer and warmer with my loved ones. And as if I became richer, as if I found a magic wand to solve all problems 🙂 Everything simply became good!


The practices I received in the course give me strength and a good mood.
I learned how to stay in stillness and peace, regardless of the situation. Learned that we are much more than we think of ourselves.
I continue to practice on my own with pleasure and joy!

Awakening is real!

To join the YouTube broadcast

Start your realization right now!

After the course on the 3rd of September we will be having our
international One Day Retreat.

It is a 7-hour experience specially created for intense inner changes. We use the benefit of group practice and synergy to help all members go deeper into the present moment.It is an opportunity to expand your world of perception and connect with yourself.

And best of all you don’t need to leave the house for it!

World of Awakening - The path to Awakening

Knowledge tested by generations of practitioners and adapted for modern people

Beyond concepts. Outside religion. Only practical experience

Effective methodology

A live fully realized Teacher

97 awakened students

The future shape of the world depends on the number of conscious people on the planet

Суть методики состоит в том, что человек учится осознанно совершать внутренний труд по преодолению своего эгоизма и всех накопленных внутри умственных программ. Успех зависит от твёрдости желания самого человека.


Методика включает в себя 3 составляющие, которые вместе обеспечивают максимальную эффективность обучения:

1) Учитель
2) Учебная система, передающая Знания
3) Команда единомышленников, твёрдо вставших на путь освобождения.


Методика приносит максимальную пользу и эффективность учащемуся при наличии самого главного условия – огромного желания познать себя, найти ответы на самые сокровенные вечные вопросы, достичь полного освобождения, вернуться «Домой».


На своём внутреннем языке каждый по-разному формулирует свою цель, но чем выше сила и искренность желания её реализации, тем больше шансов, что ученик сможет преодолеть все выпадающие на его долю трудности жизни и прийти к цели.

Родился Генадий в Риге. Рос очень здоровым и сильным ребёнком: с первого класса занимался плаванием, с восьмого – боксом, самбо, карате, различными видами многоборья, стал мастером спорта. Генадий сочетал успешную спортивную карьеру с учёбой в Рижском техническом университете.


Ещё в 10 классе он встретил пробуждённых людей. Опыт, который он получил, кардинально изменил его отношение к жизни и пробудил в нём огромное желание познать нечто, что было доступно этим людям.


Впоследствии один из этих людей направил Генадия к пробуждённому человеку, работавшему в сфере космонавтики, который стал его учителем и открыл ему дальнейший путь и более глубокие Знания. Всё это – обычные люди без регалий и титулов великих мастеров, как и сам Генадий. Но их глубокое познание сути вещей, искреннее желание служить людям и передавать им своё более широкое видение жизни всегда собирало вокруг них большое количество людей, ищущих ответы и Знания.

Среда — большая дружная команда учеников из разных уголков мира, совместно постигающих и передающих практические знания, которые выводят человека за пределы концепций, чувств, субъективных представлений о себе и мире к непосредственному, чистому и осознанному восприятию реальности.

Практика Тишины - Хабаровск


Хабаровск, Студия B.Yoga ул. Некрасова, 44, 3-й этаж, оф. 308. Вход слева, напротив 18-го дома.

+7 911 8381258 (WhatsApp, Telegram) — Карина

По средам с 19.00 до 21.00

Первое занятие - БЕСПЛАТНО

Разовое занятие - 500 руб.

Для участников Клуба - 300 руб.

Абонемент на 4 занятия - 1600 руб.

Студентам - скидка 10%